Call to rallyfor NDISsupport in Devonport

SUPPORTER: Douglas Howard will be at the NDIS rally in Devonport. Picture: Kelly Slater.RAISING awareness for greater assistance for the disabled is close to Douglas Howard’s heart.

Since winning a battle with cancer in 1995, Mr Howard has experienced complications with his lungs, as well as being unable to walk without assistance.

Mr Howard had been forced to use a walking frame, until he recently received a gopher (electronic scooter), after a four- year campaign.

“The squeaky wheel gets the oil,” he said with a laugh.

Today, he will join with others in the push to implement the proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

While the main rallies are being held in each state capital city, Mr Howard would love to see events staged in all regional areas.

“I can’t make the rally in Hobart, so I’ll be attending here (in Devonport),” he said.

“Though I’d like to see a rally in each town and city, not just in Devonport.”

Mr Howard said it was important for people to speak up, make themselves heard and send a message to Canberra.

“I would urge people to get along and show their support,” he said.

“I’m very much supportive of the move to the NDIS.

“Had it been in years ago, we wouldn’t have suffered this shortfall in assistance.” The rally will be from noon in the Devonport Mall today and is part of National Every Australian Counts Day.

This article first appeared in 苏州半永久纹眉.

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