Kelly papers stay here

A SOUGHT-AFTER piece of Ned Kelly memorabilia, which was recently discovered among the estate of a Devonport man, was sold for a whopping $25,000 at a collectables auction in Hobart yesterday.

Owner of the Masterpiece Gallery in Hobart, Nevin Hurst, went home happy, albeit with a much lighter wallet, after snaring the prime piece of memorabilia following a bidding battle with three other keen potential buyers.

The original ledger of proceedings against Ned Kelly in Victoria’s Beechworth Court of General Sessions from August 3, 1871 (when Kelly was just 15 years old), was expected to create much interest from keen collectors.

In the lead-up to yesterday’s auction, auctioneers and a University of Melbourne professor said an item of this calibre was rare and was likely to be hotly contested.

Before the auction, the item was expected to fetch between $10,000 and $15,000.

So the eventual sale price took Tasmanian Valuers and Auctioneers managing director Russell Thomson very much by surprise.

“I thought the most it would go for was around $15,000,” he said.

But fierce competition during the auction for the sought-after item pushed the price up.

“We had four spirited bidders throughout the auction, from the mainland and here,” Mr Thomson said, referring to a potential buyer bidding over the phone.

Winning bidder Mr Hurst was unable to be contacted yesterday.

This article first appeared in 苏州半永久纹眉.

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