Photographers’ perspectives

AN INSPIRING quote from Australian photographer Max Dupain has been reflected on in the exhibition In Response.

Opened last night at the Burnie Regional Art Gallery (BRAG), it showcases the perspectives of local photographers Lisa Garland, Rick Eaves and Peter Lord on the following quote: “I find that my whole life, if it’s going to be of any consequence in photography, has to be devoted to that place where I have been born, reared and worked, thought, philosophised and made pictures to

the best of my ability. And that’s all I need.”

Lisa Garland focuses on North- West Coast people in their own environments.

“I love the intimate spaces and how we create them,” she said.

“The clutter, the character and the serenity of them.”

Rick Eaves is fascinated with the diversity of Tasmanian landscapes.

“My photos have a real textural unity and are quite evocative images,” he said.

“I love Bass Strait, the highlands, rural and coastlands, and the power of the West Coast.”

Peter Lord has gathered a selection of images including some from his 35 years as a news photographer.

“They capture the energies of my home, and my home was The Examiner at the time,” Mr Lord said.

“They are from my time of running through town roads, beaches, villages.”

In Response will run until June3.

This article first appeared in 苏州半永久纹眉.

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