CMW’s alert to residents `half-baked’

FAULTY electrical wiring at the Pardoe Waste Water Treatment Plant has been blamed for a minor pump failing and a pool of sewage sludge being left near the John Palmer walking track at East Devonport’s Pardoe beach.
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Resident Leanne Bovill noticed the sewage on April 18.

Mrs Bovill said Cradle Mountain Water’s attempts to alert residents to the sewage, including the use of a portion of orange plastic fencing and two signs, was “half-baked”.

Mrs Bovill said the smell was offensive and the pool of stagnant sewage should be flushed out.

Chief operating officer Doug Doherty said late last week, corroded electrical wiring caused a minor pump at the Pardoe Waste Water Treatment Plant to fail, resulting in sludge spillage within the treatment plant compound.

Mr Doherty said the Environmental Protection Authority and the Environmental Health Officer from the Devonport City Council were contacted immediately.

“The surcharge into the stormwater drain is being monitored and has caused no threat to public health or the environment,” he said.

Environmental Protection Agency director Alex Schaap said on Thursday Cradle Mountain Water had advised that while it appeared the spill was mainly contained inside the Pardoe Waste Water Treatment Plant compound, further precautionary measures had been taken in relation to the stormwater drain outside the plant with the erection of the temporary fencing and warning signage.

“Cradle Mountain Water will request the Devonport City Council Environmental Health Officer to inspect the site this week to see if any more action is required,” Mr Schaap said.

Mr Doherty said Cradle Mountain Water would continue to monitor the situation to ensure no further issues arose from the spill.

“We understand there have been some concerns raised by people using the walking track close by and we can confirm that the sludge has been collected and reprocessed through the plant,” he said.

Mr Doherty said if the community continued to have concerns to contact CMW on 13MYWATER (136992), place a post on the Facebook site or email: [email protected]杭州夜网.au

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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