`Tourism, industry future of the Tarkine’

*(1/2)FEDERAL Environment Minister Tony Burke believes the future for the Tarkine involves both industry and tourism.
HangZhou Night Net

Mr Burke met with environmental and lobby groups earlier in the week, spending a few days in the Tarkine and listening to their concerns.

“While I’ve been there before, this was the first time I’ve had a look at it from a purely environmental perspective,” he said.

“That was very helpful.

“With the environment groups, I saw a place that you can only described as majestic.

“I also came away really impressed by the tour operators down there.

“Corinna is just priceless and it’s good to see the success of the tourism operators there.”

However, he was not impressed enough to believe tourism is the stand-alone answer for the future of the Tarkine.

“I’m not someone who thinks you can take out industry and say tourism is the fix,” he said yesterday.

“There’s no doubt about that.”

Mr Burke said when he visited the region with industry representatives, that too gave him an important perspective.

“The Tarkine has a range of landscapes, the region isn’t just the iconic photo of a big tree.”

There are a number of mines proposed in the Tarkine, which does not have national heritage listing.

Even so, Mr Burke said there was still a broad range of federal powers that could be used to halt prospective mines.

Mr Burke said he was “reluctant to give a timeline” for a decision on the mines, given how quickly such projects could change.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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