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THIRTY years of Agfest is an impressive feat.
HangZhou Night Net

Tasmania’s most popular expo has grown from 111 exhibitors and 9000 patrons to 600 exhibitors and about 60,000 patrons in 2011.

It is now one of the biggest agricultural festivals in Australia.

Although there are similar events on the mainland, Agfest promotions and media director Katie Coad said interstate visitors were impressed and often shocked at how large Agfest had become.

As well as celebrating its 30th birthday, this year Agfest will also acknowledge the Year of the Farmer.

Part of these celebrations will include the presence of the Australian Year of the Farmer road show.

Other attractions that are back this year include the Peter Brock memorial four-wheel drive track, the Unique Tastes fine food pavilion, the Equine Expo, the central arena, the dairy feature and four craft pavilions.

Mrs Coad said each exhibit brought something different to the Agfest experience, making it a must to pack as much as possible into one day.

The Rural Youth Organisation will be selling stubby holders featuring the Agfest logo, as well as a variety of other merchandise to remember your day by.

Don’t forget that traffic conditions near Quercus Rural Youth Park will change to accommodate the coming and going of Agfest visitors.

Rural Youth suggests that you plan your routes before visiting Agfest.

As for preparing for weather, take your gumboots just in case, although Mrs Coad assures

”While it is raining this week at Quercus, don’t let this dampen your enthusiasm about attending – next week is a new week and we are putting in our order for ’18 and sunny’!”





This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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