Hilder gates stand tall at waterfront

WELCOMING: After residing at a private residence for some years, the Hilder Parade gates have been reinstalled at the Burnie waterfront. Picture: Katrina Dodd.THE Hilder Parade gates were returned to their original position yesterday, welcoming patrons onto Burnie’s newly redeveloped waterfront.
HangZhou Night Net

The gates were removed some years ago, prior to the building of the new surf club and at the time the Burnie City Council had to admit it may have lost the gates.

Destined for the tip in 2008-09, the gates were picked up by a council employee, who said he had permission from the council.

He had the gates installed in his garden, but was more than happy to hand the gates back to have them put back at their original location.

The gates will be used as ornaments and received a fresh coat of paint before they were reinstalled yesterday.

“It will be great to see the gates returned to their rightful place,” Burnie Mayor Steve Kons said.

“The gates were removed as part of the development works and while they weren’t initially set to return to the waterfront, due to the new design, council has been pleased to work with the Hilder family and community to restore the gates to the area.”

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

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