Riders churn up the mud in round one

WET START TO CONTEST: Troy Sheridan was one of the winners in the quad bike category. Picture: Alli Murfett.THE first round of the Yamaha Barry Richardson grass track at Rocky Cape proved a wet and wild affair at the weekend.
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While the juniors completed their day with four races in each division, the same couldn’t be said on Sunday with seniors only completing two races per division.

Competitors and bikes were covered in mud from top to toe.

King of the Paddock winner Derek Grundy blitzed the competition for an outright win, also taking out the over 35s class.

Andrew Lethberg came in second, also winning the Pro Open A class, gaining more valuable points for his lead in the ironman competition.

In their senior debuts, Cameron Weller came 13th in the KOP and took out first in Pro Open B class while Jace Westcott came a respectable 12th in the KOP and second in the Pro Lites A to Andrew Sheahen who claimed first place.

Other senior riders to gain first in their classes were Jason Smith, Sophie Coldicutt, Jake Hall, Nathan Tricket and Ben Parsissions.

The quads had their biggest list of entries to date with over 42 quads competing on Sunday.

Winners included Troy Sheridan, Zac Griffiths, Tim Barham, John Sheridan and Amy Page.

Winners from the juniors racing on Saturday included Jacob Walsh, Jai Hammersly, Chan Herbert, Lachie Smith, Jack Radford, Cameron Treloar, Bryce DeHaan, Lachlan Cunningham, Kalila Bakes, Maverik Bakes and Brock Bugeja.

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Tough battle to be top

HARD TO COUNTERACT: Burnie will have a tough job trying to restrict Penny Williams in today’s Anzac Day clash against Devon. Picture: Katrina Dodd.THE battle for North-West netball supremacy will be played out today as Optomeyes Devon and the Mader Burnie Tigers clash for the Intercity Challenge Cup.
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The Anzac Day day duel sees the two Statewide Aurora League Coastal rivals play off for both the Cup and a first win of the season.

Despite several injuries, Burnie coach Maureen Stafford believes her team has the depth and commitment to come away with a win this weekend.

“It’s going to be a tough game of netball, with some tough match-ups,” Stafford said.

“Penny Williams will be hard to counteract in their goal circle and Ebony Allen and Ebony Roberts are talented players through their mid court who both have state experience.

“But our defensive end has been playing well together. Sheryl Britton and Jenna Stretton have been putting pressure on teams and creating turnover opportunities.

“They will need to drive the ball deep into our attack to help out our shooting focal point, Claire Maynard,” she added.

Devon head coach Maddie Walker was equally as confident in her team.

She said despite the winless start to the season, she had been impressed with its hard work.

Walker will be looking to her young guns Ebony Roberts, Stephanie Walker, Rebecca Hyland and Lisa Loubser to play crucial roles in match-ups.

“We have been able to hold our own against some of the top teams, so I’m expecting them to take the extra step this game and get the points on the board,” Walker said.

“I’ll be looking for the girls to continue to show 100% commitment and believe that our ability to combine and play well as a team will be what we need to get us across the line.”

Today’s Anzac Day clash will take place at St Brendan-Shaw College when the under 17s battle it out at 3.30pm, under 19s at 5pm and the open game at 6.45pm.

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Coastal five thrilledto join state Skilleroos

TOP PICKS: Selected for the state Skilleroos under 13 teams are (from left) Nicholas Canales, Jordan Wood, Blair Challis, Tessa Curran and Henry Andrews. Picture: Katrina Dodd.FIVE soccer fanatics are a step closer to their dreams with their recent selection in the state Skilleroos under 13 team.
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Blair Challis, Nicholas Canales, Jordan Wood, Henry Andrews and Tessa Curran are the lucky five, and all hail from the Burnie United Soccer Club.

They are set to train hard with the Skilleroos’ under 13 team and will try out for the state under 13 team later this year.

Blair, 12, is looking forward to the opportunities his selection could bring.

“I am excited to be picked after all the hard work and all the nights training I did,” he said.

“I am hoping after this that I will get into the state team, which is chosen in July.”

Blair is prepared to put in the hard yards to be successful.

“To do this I will have to do lots of extra training and practising at home,” he said.

The Skilleroos team will broaden the skills and abilities of these players, and Blair is looking forward to sharing this with his Burnie United team.

“There are three other guys in my team that have also been picked so we can teach the others guys the stuff that we have learnt at Skilleroos,” he said.

Burnie United junior coach Darren Purton said these five players were selected as they had worked hard on all levels.

“I am very proud of them as they have worked extremely hard personally and collectively,” he said.

Burnie United has just started its season and is seeking new members.

“We welcome all new players from the age of 12 to join,” he said.

Mr Purton said members had the chance to learn from one of the soccer greats.

“One of our fabulous coaches, Mike Denton, is not one to blow his own trumpet, but is hugely experienced as he is a former Socceroo from the early 70s,” Mr Purton said.

“He has a wealth of knowledge and loves working with the juniors.”

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‘Strong case for bigger rates cut’

Ms GiddingsAN INTEREST rate cut of 0.5% would be justified, Premier and Treasurer Lara Giddings says.
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With inflation tumbling, Ms Giddings hopes the Reserve Bank board will cut its cash rate and cut hard when it next meets.

“Today’s lower than expected inflation figures mean there is a strong case for a rate cut when the Reserve Bank meets on May 1,” Ms Giddings said yesterday.

“Given the reluctance of banks to pass on previous rate decreases, the RBA should consider dropping rates by more than the standard 25 basis points.

“I believe a considerable cut of 50 basis points is justified to take pressure off the high Australian dollar, help rebuild consumer confidence and boost retail spending which, in turn, has a positive impact on GST receipts and the state budget.”

The consumer price index rose just 0.1% in the March quarter and 1.6% for the year to the end of March, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

It was at 3.1% annually at the end of the December quarter.

The Reserve Bank aims to keep inflation between 2% and 3%, suggesting it now has scope for a rates cut bigger than its usual cash rate movement of 0.25%.

Underlying inflation, which is of particular interest to the RBA, is running at just 2.2% annually after a 0.3% increase for the quarter.

Ms Giddings said recent economic reports had confirmed business conditions in Tasmania remained tough.

“This is particularly true in the retail sector, which has been hit hard by cautious consumer spending.”

She said it was important that banks pass on any cut by the Reserve in full to customers.

“At a time when banks are still recording record profits, it would be hard to justify any decision to deny rates relief to struggling families.”

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Beware the scamper of rodent invaders

BEING KEPT BUSY: Pest controller Neville Franks with some rodent control devices. Mr Franks says a warm summer means rodents have been breeding heavily. Picture: Kirsty Bennett.COASTAL homes are being flooded with rodents as mice and rats take refuge in the warmth.
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Coastal Pest Control owner Neville Franks said although rodents were around all year, they tended to move indoors when the cold weather struck.

“They (rodents) can’t handle the cold weather so they move indoors to keep warm,” he said.

Business has been booming for Mr Franks in the last month.

“We have had a significant increase in rodent calls recently,” he said.

“Though there are always rodents around they seem to be a little worse this year.

“We have just come out of a warm summer so they (rodents) have been breeding heavily over the past few months,” Mr Franks said.

There is no way to completely pest proof your home, according to the pest control guru, but there are many ways to help deter any unwanted furry friends.

Mr Franks recommends:

Keeping all doors closed;

block any possible entry points with steel wool;

not leaving food around;

purchasing pet safe bait traps; and

keeping traps or bait stations set up all year round, not just in winter.

If you are unlucky enough to have some rodents living under your roof, Mr Franks says peanut butter is the secret ingredient to a pest-free home.

“Smooth peanut butter is the best food item to place in rat or mouse traps.

“Rats are very clever, if you place something solid like cheese in the trap, nine times out of 10 it will be empty when you come back,” he said.

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Mission to locate cheer squad

FOOTY MEMORABILIA: Rod Butler holds a signed copy of the AFL Record magazine, which features Darrel Baldock. Picture: Katrina Dodd.THE Latrobe Football Club is on a mission to find a number of former residents of the Weeroona Girls Training Centre.
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The residents of the training centre were a big part of Darrel Baldock’s four consecutive premiership wins at Latrobe, forming the state’s only cheer squad.

The club was hoping they would be able to come along to one of the biggest reunions held on the Coast on May 5, celebrating Baldock’s four premierships.

Rod Butler, a former team- mate of Baldock, would like to see some of the girls come along and reunite with the players they supported.

The centre was designed for young girls who were in trouble with the law and could house up to 20 at

a time.

As a part of their rehabilitation, the girls were heavily involved in the Latrobe Football Club during the time that Baldock was coach.

“The girls formed a sort of cheer squad for the club and it was something unheard of at the time. we were the only team to have one.

“The girls all dressed in club uniform and went to every game – we are hoping that some original members of that squad would be able to come along for the day and catch up with some of the players,” Mr Butler said.

The reunion will see the 1969, ’70, ’71 and ’72 premiership sides get together for the first time ever on the Coast.

Proceeds from the function will go to the Darrel Baldock Memorial Fund to aid building a tribute at the Latrobe Recreation Ground.

LFC president Peter Freshney said it was set to be one of the biggest events of its type ever held on the Coast.

“There are a lot of different parts ot this reunion.

“It’s not only the reunion of the 1969-71 premiership players, but also a fundraiser for the Darrel Baldock Memorial Fund, an auction of some Darrel Baldock-themed memorabilia, with special guests Barry Breen, who kicked the winning point in St Kilda’s 1966 premiership and Collingwood captain at the time Des Tuddenham.”

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Health hub to expand

BOLD HEALTH SERVICES PLAN: Taking a tour of the building that will be developed for stage two of the Sheffield health precinct are (from left) Tandara Lodge Community Care CEO Paul Crantock, Kentish Mayor Don Thwaites and Lyons MHR Dick Adams. Picture: Kelly Slater.A $2 MILLION dream is becoming a reality for the Kentish municipality.
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Stage two of a multi-purpose health precinct for Sheffield is forging ahead, seeing the former Sheffield Infants School in Henry St become a central hub for allied health services, including child health and parenting services, Glenhaven Family Care, Kentish Health, Tasmania Medicare Local and Tandara services.

The second stage follows the initial upgrade making provisions for a GP clinic that has been operational for the past 18 months, a rehabilitation centre, dedicated diabetes services and teaching rooms intended for use by UTAS medical students.

Kentish Mayor Don Thwaites said the school building was given to the community by the State Government after the infants relocated.

When the money came in from the Federal Government to turn the building into a health hub, it was a dream come true.

“I’m so glad the council had the confidence to take over the school and grounds and turn it into a health centre. A more timid council would have buckled under the pressure,” Cr Thwaites said.

Cr Thwaites said the centre would help boost Kentish’s future population by attracting people to the area and help keep families and elderly residents who needed access to health care in the municipality.

The council’s economic and community development manager, Darrin Cunningham, said stage two would include three multi-purpose consulting rooms, reception area, dentist, adult activity centre, an area to deliver after-hours family and child health care and healthy community initiatives, improved car parking, indoor and outdoor child play areas, a community garden, outdoor gym equipment, walking tracks and a safe area to teach children bike safety and road rules.

It is expected to be complete by July 2013.

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‘Children didn’t interest man’

A PORT Sorell man was caught with 133,917 child exploitation images and 118 movies depicting children as young as five.
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His lawyer yesterday told a judge Jason Mark Brook had told him he had no sexual interest in children.

Chief Justice Ewan Crawford said he could not believe Brook would have so many images if he had no interest in children.

Brook yesterday pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child exploitation material.

He was caught after a Queensland police operation identified and busted a website that involved posting and sharing such material.

It had areas with titles including “boy jailbait” and “girl jailbait”, Crown prosecutor Heather Mannering said in the Supreme Court, in Burnie.

As part of its operation, Queensland police discovered who had provided content or comments on the site.

Brook’s home was searched in 2010 and police seized a computer tower, laptop and two external hard drives, and confirmed the images existed.

Greg Richardson, for Brook, said his client had told him he struggled to understand why it had happened.

Mr Richardson said the images were not at the top end of the scale (of how the seriousness of such material is rated) and the computer had also contained a “good deal” of adult pornography.

“It’s still children …,” Justice Crawford said.

Mr Richardson said his client was extremely remorseful.

He said the images he and Miss Mannering had seen involved children putting themselves on webcams.

He said the law was largely aimed at preventing the exploitation of children, but “these are children putting themselves out there”.

“Putting themselves in front of a camera is something they’ve chosen to do,” he said, contrasting it with instances of people exploiting children for profit.

“Apparently in the new world, it’s what people do.”

“Adults do it, apparently.”

Mr Richardson said the court could be satisfied his client would not offend in that way again.

“He’s got 140,000 images of children,” the judge replied.

Miss Mannering said she accepted the images she had seen involved children “playing up to what appears to be a webcam”.

“It doesn’t appear they are being directed, they are doing it willingly.”

She estimated 20-30% of the images in question were not child pornography as such, with the children clothed.

The court heard Brook had no relevant legal history.

Justice Crawford remanded Brook in custody for sentencing on May 2.

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Spirit of Anzacs key ingredient of whisky

Bec Parnell with her children (from left) Isaac, 4, and Eli. The label.
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A FORMER Marrawah graphic designer has created the Anzac-inspired label for a whisky believed to be the first bottle of double malt brewed in two countries – New Zealand and Australia – and married together.

The label taps into the Anzac legacy by featuring Anzacs telling stories in the French trenches during World War 1.

Designer, Bec Parnell, went to Smithton High School before her career took her to the UK.

Now living in Hobart with her husband and two children, her latest work is the Diggers&Ditch Anzac Double Malt Whisky label, for which she designed the brand and packaging.

Mrs Parnell said: “It’s so wonderful to be back in Tasmania … living in England was fabulous, but we were always looking forward to coming back to Australia.”

Andrew Quarry, a buyer at BigBargain bottleshops started at Ulverstone and Devonport, said the whisky is thought to be the first ever trans-national double malt from whisky made in two countries.

“All the others are just Irish, or Scotch, but this is aged New Zealand whisky married with Australia’s best; from Tasmania of course,” he said.

Some of the funds from the whisky will be donated to maintain war memorials.

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Vietnam vet’s struggle for service recognition

CHANCE TO REFLECT: Vietnam veteran Brian Moore, of Devonport, will march with his eight-year-old grandson in today’s Anzac Day parade. Picture: Kelly Slater.IT TOOK seven years for Devonport Vietnam veteran Brian Moore to get recognition.
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His active service in 1969 was largely considered irrelevant because of popular belief that the Vietnam War “wasn’t a real war”.

Mr Moore was 21 years old when he volunteered, under conscription, for the Vietnam War and served for one year.

“It didn’t worry me (being conscripted),” Mr Moore said.

“I didn’t really know what it was going to be like.”

Something Mr Moore remembers vividly about his time in active service was the haphazard way that soldiers experienced “contact with the enemy”.

“One thing about other wars, they knew when they were meeting them,” he said.

“With Vietnam, we didn’t know when or where we would have contact.”

Remarkably, Mr Moore said his unit didn’t receive any fatalities during his service.

Remembering the war isn’t something that Mr Moore likes to dwell on often, but is something that isn’t far from his mind, especially on Anzac Day.

Mr Moore said he had participated in every Anzac Day parade for the last six years and he enjoyed spending it with his family.

Mr Moore marches in the parade with his eight-year-old grandson, who proudly wears his great- grandfather’s military medals.

“My father served in World War 2,” Mr Moore said.

“My grandson, he loves it, marching in the parade with me.

“He’s eight now, but he started coming with me when he was five.”

Mr Moore said during the last three years he had seen an increase in young people attending services, which was a good thing.

“It’s increasing all the time.”

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