Coasters to eat for just $2 a day

RAISING AWARENESS : The Oaktree Foundation general manager of overseas projects Jess Jacobson holds an example of the restricted diet she’ll be on while she takes part in the Live Below The Line campaign.IMAGINE the trauma you would feel if you had to choose between feeding your family or getting medical help for your sick child.
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These impossible choices have to be made by those who live below the poverty line.

The Oaktree Foundation’s campaign Live Below The Line aims to combat extreme poverty in the Asia-Pacific region through generating awareness and raising funds.

“The campaign is into its third year and I have been inspired by what people can achieve when they put their hands up and step out of their comfort zones,” said Oaktree Foundation general manager of overseas projects Jess Jacobson.

In Live Below The Line, participants live off just $2 a day for five days and raise funds through their sponsorship.

Ms Jacobson has participated in all three campaigns and said the experience was one she will never forget.

“It is eye-opening, you are not going without but your choices are cut off,” she said.

“These people live entirely on this amount every day. It is not just for food, it is for everything.”

Ms Jacobson encouraged people taking part to fully engage with the issue.

“Realise where you fit in to the equation and how you can be the solution,” she said.

While the campaign is confronting, it can be a lot of fun too, especially if you take part with a group of people.

“Get a group of people together and you can cook together and fundraise together and have each other for support, it is fun” she said.

Live Below The Line will run from May 7-11. For further information visit the Oaktree Foundation’s website.

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Council opts for status quo

DOG DETECTIVE: Simon Crombie on the West Beach boardwalk which is the scene, he alleges, for indiscretions by dog owners. Picture: Tony Cross.A CASE of dogs and their owners behaving badly in Burnie has not gone unnoticed, despite the Burnie City Council voting to let sleeping dogs lie.
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What started out as a simple exercise by Cooee man Simon Crombie turned up 36 breaches of the Dog Control Act and the council’s Dog Management Policy.

Mr Crombie recorded the breaches over one week and presented them to the council last Tuesday night.

One of those breaches were detected within 30 metres of a designated dog exercise area.

In a letter to the council accompanying the submission, Mr Crombie called for the council to act by increasing the funding for animal control seven days a week and noted that the revenue that could have been raised from the breaches he detected would have totalled $6760.

The councillors voted to keep the status quo, agreeing they were satisfied current commitments to municipal dog control provided a reasonable level of comfort, convenience and safety for the community with respect to the purpose and objectives of the Dog Control Act 2000.

Burnie Mayor Steve Kons and aldermen Malcolm Ryan and Jim Altimira thanked Mr Crombie for his considerable effort and time to prepare the submission.

Following the decision, Mr Crombie said he felt patronised by the aldermen’s comments and decision to do nothing.

Mr Crombie said he was trying to show people were not using the current dog exercise areas following a discussion at a previous council meeting about creating fenced dog exercise areas with CCTV, Astro Turf and electronic swipe card access.

Mr Crombie said he couldn’t see the point in creating designer dog exercise pens when dog owners were not using the facilities currently provided and not enough was being done to enforce the current dog laws.

The Burnie City Council’s land and environmental services officer, Patrick Earle, said animal control was about providing a reasonable, balanced and practical approach.

“It’s unnecessary to reach for a big stick – people don’t respond to that.”

Mr Earle said, in most cases, it was enough for a council officer to politely ask people to put their dog on a lead or move out of a restricted area.

“People aren’t constantly coming to us saying I feel uncomfortable or I’ve been hurt,” Mr Earle said.

“When they do, we respond.”

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Digger joins in Wynyard tribute

SHARING HIS PAST: John Bates at the Wynyard Anzac Day service. Picture: Grant Wells.HUNDREDS rallied at the Somerset and Wynyard Anzac Day services to keep the memory alive of those who fought in past and present wars.
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At 90 years “young”, John Bates was one of many returned servicemen to attend the Wynyard service.

An increased number of young people attending the service brought a smile to the former teacher’s face.

“I became a teacher after the war so it’s brilliant to see all these young people here who really take part in the service,” he said.

From 1940-46 he served in the RAF regiment mainly on the India/Burma border for almost three years.

He started in the humblest position as AC2 and moved his way through the ranks to squadron leader.

When asked what Anzac Day meant to him, he said it was difficult to put it into words.

Mr Bates was involved in the ninth most important battle during World War 2, Kohima, defending the aerodrome at Dimapur.

“A lot of the memories are still very sharp,” he said.

Today, Mr Bates counts himself lucky to be alive with the unkind conditions of war leaving him with malaria four times, dengue fever once and dysentery four times.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Spray cop found not guilty

ASSAULT COUNTS DISMISSED: Constable Luke Negri leaves the Burnie Magistrates Court yesterday. Picture: Kelly Slater.A BURNIE policeman who capsicum-sprayed a boy has been found not guilty of assault.
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Luke Charles Negri used the spray after the boy struck his partner in an incident at Shorewell Park in January 2011, Magistrate Robert Pearce was told yesterday.

_Negri had pleaded not guilty to two counts of common assault relating to the incident.

His lawyer, Jim Wilkinson, argued Negri had done what he was trained to do in a volatile situation.

He said Negri, 25, acted “within his powers and within his training”.

Mr Pearce heard conflicting evidence on whether the boy was sprayed once or twice, and also on whether the boy struck Negri’s police partner before the spraying.

The partner, Constable Joel Houston, told the Burnie Magistrates Court he was struck and Negri acted consistently with police training.

Witness Danny Grieve – who said he was schizophrenic and had bipolar – asserted mobile phone footage he took that was played in court showed Negri wanted to spray the boy.

“What he done was wrong.

“He was getting off on that.”

Negri agreed with prosecutor Steve Bender grabbing the boy or using or threatening to use his baton had also been options.

However, he said he had not wanted to use his baton on a boy, believing there was more likelihood of injury than with the spray.

He said he was concerned using “unarmed tactics” in such a volatile situation could cause the situation to “escalate severely”

“It wasn’t appropriate … we could have been set upon at any time.”

The two police said they were being abused and shouted at by a group of people as they attempted to confiscate a motorbike that Mr Grieve had been riding without a helmet and unregistered.

The boy came in and tried to stop them, taking the bike before striking Const Houston to the neck, the court heard.

Mr Grieve told the hearing he didn’t see the boy strike the officer.

“He didn’t assault nobody.”

He said everyone was calm until the spray was used.

He alleged police later told him they would lay charges against him if he made a statement against them.

“They’ll beat you down and think of something to charge you for after you’re arrested.”

Mr Pearce dismissed both assault counts.

He said he was not satisfied the first spraying was outside the range of reasonable responses.

He did not find the assault related to the second alleged spraying proven.

He said no second use of the spray was apparent from the film and he found evidence from the prosecution witnesses who alleged it unsatisfactory.

Technical evidence also did not support it.

Negri had legal advice not to speak about the outcome, but was visibly relieved afterwards.

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Ashley Detention Centre detainee on the run

AN 18-YEAR-OLD Ashley Detention Centre detainee escaped staff custody today.
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The teen, who cannot be named, was visiting the Launceston General Hospital for treatment of a medical condition when he made an escape.

Police said he was being escorted back to the vehicle at which point he fled on foot through the car park about 11am.

He was last seen heading west on Cleveland St towards Wellington St.

He was handcuffed, wearing navy blue shorts and a blue t-shirt.

He was also in possession of a blue and black flannelette shirt that was covering his handcuffs.

He is described as being 180cm tall, slim build and brown hair.

Police ask members of the public not to approach him, although he isn’t considered dangerous.

Those with information should contact police on 131 444 or CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Students on Cloud 9 over centre’s opening

Watching Isaac Troughton, 17, prepare for lunch are (from left) Sid Sidebottom MHR, Marist Regional College principal Susan Chen and Archbishop Doyle.THERE were plenty of smiles on the faces of students who are using the new Cradle Coast Trade Training Centre.
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Yesterday Federal Member for Braddon Sid Sidebottom was only too pleased to be opening the facility that includes Cloud 9 cafe and restaurant, bakery kitchen and commercial kitchen at Marist Regional College in Burnie.

“On behalf of the Federal Government, particularly Minister Peter Garrett, we’ve been very pleased to be able to partner with Marist Regional College and those who have made this happen,” he said

The site where the centre sits was once home for the Marist brothers. Now it has a new lease of life, thanks to $1.6million in funding, including $1.47million from the Federal Government. Another $138,000 from Marist has been used to buy the small cooking equipment.

The new centre gives access to vocational training for students from high schools along the Coast, not only Marist. The training will provide them with the skills to work within a range of industries including hospitality, tourism and business.

Mr Sidebottom said to have a competency that was nationally recognised when leaving school and to continue into the workforce would benefit the nation.

“To be able to use those skills however you want to and have a productive nation is absolutely crucial, so I thank all of those people involved in making this happen and congratulate the students who have taken up the courses,” he said.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Closure to cost five jobs

IT IS believed five workers at the Woolworths distribution centre in Devonport will be jobless when the centre closes on May 6.
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Yesterday The Advocate was told six workers from the centre were transferred to the new $100million distribution centre that is operational in Launceston and one to BWS, while the remaining five workers had opted for a redundancy.

The doors closed at the Hobart distribution centre last Saturday as part of the centralisation of the centre in Launceston, with 29 workers taking redundancy and eight transferred elsewhere.

“About three years ago we announced that Statewide Independent Wholesalers, of whom we are a partner, were building a new state-of-the-art distribution centre in Launceston,” Woolworths spokesperson Clare Buchanan said.

The new depot will employ more than 100 people.

Ms Buchanan said Woolworths had worked hard to look at all redeployment opportunities, not just within Tasmania but nationally.

“We also gave people the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks working in a store environment to see if it suited them.”

National Union of Workers organiser Jill Batt said jobs were hard to come by in Tasmania and there was always a roll-on effect to the community with decisions like this.

“Fortunately workers have received their redundancy entitlements, but the question for many of those workers is `where will I find work now?”‘ she said.

Ms Batt said while some workers had chosen to move to Launceston to work at the new site, for many with families, homes and other commitments, it was not an option.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

The little country school that’s big on taking its fair to new heights

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Moriarty Primary School pupils surrounded with items for their school fair are (clockwise, from top) Alex Rouse, 12, Becky Hyatt, 9, and Chase Redpath, 8. Picture: Jason Hollister.NOT every school has helicopter joy rides at its fair, but Moriarty Primary School does.
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On Sunday, the little country school with 82 pupils will hold its fair between 10am and 2pm.

The helicopter rides cost $45 and give participants the thrill of flying over picturesque farmland.

The Moriarty fair is held in the middle of a rural landscape that could be described as horticultural heaven.

There will be discount tulips bulbs to buy and fresh produce picked direct from neighbouring farms.

The usual home-baked cakes and sweets will be sold on stalls.

It’s the place to come for Mother’s Day gifts such as homemade cards, origami flowers, candles and gift packs.

Acting principal Julie Argent said a keen group of parents supported the fair and made it happen.

“It’s a great day out,” she said.

The fair will offer everything and more for the bravest of thrill-seeking adults down to the most timid fair-goers, and everything in between.

“There are the traditional Moriarty fair favourites like splat-the-rat, pony rides, cream teas, white elephant, mousetrap minefield, vegetable animal and a range of foods to tempt your appetites.

“If you need your kids to sleep well on Sunday night then a day at our fair will be guaranteed to do the trick.”

Moriarty was one of the schools previously threatened by State Government closures, but the school’s parents and pupils wasted little time worrying about the future. Instead, they are getting on with it.

“The feeling at the school at the moment is that Moriarty is invincible,” Mrs Argent said.

“We’re doing what we do best and we aim to make the most of every day.

“Coming here from other schools that didn’t have less than 500 children, I can say at Moriarty they do not take anything for granted.

“Everyone is working to ensure these kids get the very best opportunities.”

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

House fire causes more than 100k damage

DAMAGE: An accidental Sheffield fire was caused by a freezer in the shed. The home was uninsured. Pictures: Jason Hollister.A WOMAN, six cats and a dog, have escaped an early morning house fire without injury.
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The woman’s 100-year-old weatherboard house at Staverton caught alight in the roof section while she was sleeping.

The fire started in an old shed near the house.

The accidental fire was caused by a freezer in the shed.

The attending fire investigator said the blaze spread to the house after heat from the shed fire impinged on the roof, where it was largely able to be contained.

The fire, which happened in the early hours of yesterday morning, caused an estimated $120,000 damage.

The shed was razed to the ground.

It is believe the property, at 259 Staverton Road, was not insured.

Chief Tasmania Fire Service investigator, Gil Graham, was at the scene yesterday morning.

He said the woman and the animals were all inside the house as the fire took hold.

The woman, who did not want to be named, told

She said she was in bed and was woken up by what sounded like ”a bang in a chimney”.

She saw light coming from the shed blaze and called emergency services at 5.15am.

Volunteer fire units from Sheffield, Claude Road and Railton responded.

The fire was brought under control within the hour, Mr Graham said.

He said the fire was caused by a freezer in the shed.

”It’s important to keep extension leads free of any obstructions. In this case the freezer might have been sitting on the extension lead,” he said.

The woman said she also lost garden tools she had in the destroyed shed.

The house was not inhabitable after the fire.

The woman said there was also a one-bedroom unit on the property she would move into.

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Wynyard school gets $2m makeover

NEW LOOK: Students and guests at the official opening of St Brigid’s Catholic School’s new library, administration and nely refurbished classrooms. Picture: Kirsty Bennett. NEW facilities at St Brigid’s Catholic School in Wynyard will bring benefits to students for years to come, the Federal Member for Braddon, Sid Sidebottom said today.
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Speaking at the school’s ceremony for the opening of the $2,160,000 library, administration area and classroom refurbishments, Mr Sidebottom said the Australian Government’s Building the Education Revolution (BER) investment was delivering modern facilities to school students around Australia.

”The BER is the single biggest investment in Australian schools in our history,” he said.

”In the North-West and West coasts of Tasmania alone, 63 schools with a total of 95 projects have been funded under the BER.

”This represents an investment of more than $100 million in our region to enhance teaching and learning in our schools, investing in much needed school and community infrastructure and providing jobs in challenging economic times.”

Mr Sidebottom said the Government’s investment had resulted in libraries, science labs, classrooms and multipurpose halls being built across the country.

”They are enhancing learning environments for students and giving teachers and staff a more enjoyable place to work.”

Mr Sidebottom congratulated St Brigid’s Catholic School and the local community for their efforts in delivering this historic investment to their school.

Further information about this project and all schools funded under the BER is available at

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

MULTIMEDIA: Anzac Day 2012

SHOW OF RESPECT: The crowd gathered at the Railton war memorial for Wednesday’s Anzac Day dawn service. Picture: Kelly Slater.NEARLY 20,000 Coasters paid tribute to our service men and women on Wednesday at services around the region.
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Ulverstone recorded its highest number of attendees for several years with about 4000 attending its main service.

Leighland Christian School student Sam Reeve was the guest speaker at the service.

He summed up Anzac Day better than most.

“If the Anzacs didn’t do what they did, the world would not be the place it is today,” he said.

Devonport also broke some attendance records, with 3000 making their way to Victoria Pde for the 6am dawn service.

Anzac Day addresses were given by Grade 10 student Laura Wood and Emily Pickett, the 2010 Frank MacDonald Memorial Prize recipient.

Devonport RSL Sub-Branch president, Grant Munday, said in recent years the early service had grown to be the biggest of the day.

“Today was the largest we have ever had, ” Mr Munday said.

Deputy Senior Naval Officer Tasmania Bill Canna was the guest speaker at the 11am Burnie Anzac Day service yesterday, addressing about 3000 people.

He retold the story of military personnel that arrived on the shores of Gallipoli, unprepared for the hardships ahead.

A little piece of history was created as the small West Coast town of Gormanston held its first ever Anzac Day service.

Meanwhile, more than 50 locals braved the chilly morning at Strahan’s Anzac Park for the dawn service.

In Queenstown, the streets were packed with families and school children who turned out in their hundreds to pay their respects.

Hundreds rallied at the Somerset and Wynyard Anzac Day services to keep the memory alive of those who fought in past and present wars.

At 90 years “young”, John Bates was one of many returned servicemen to attend the Wynyard service.

An increased number of young people attending the service brought a smile to the former teacher’s face.

Readers from Smithton to Latrobe shared their Anzac Day experience.

From all over the North-West, Advocate iPhone app users submitted photos illustrating how they commemorated Anzac Day. Including this shot at the Penguin Dawn Service. View the photos here.

Have a look at our other galleries – see Related Coverage on the right-hand side of the page

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Only Hearts Should Be Worn On Sleeves eBook tour

EARTHY HUMOUR: Former Advocate reporter Kellie O’Brien (White), who has published an eBook of her columns, relaxes with her daughter, Ella. Picture: Katrina Dodd.This is an extract from Kellie O’Brien’s Mum’s the Word column, which ran in The Advocate’s entertainment magazine in 2007. The column’s have been transformed into an eBook, titled, Only Hearts Should Be Worn On Sleeves: The Snotty Truth About Motherhood.
HangZhou Night Net


August 22, 2007

HOW many times have you had to tell a member of the male population that size doesn’t matter?

Well beware, because when you have a bun in the oven and men try to remind you that size doesn’t matter, sorry, but you somehow know it does.

As a mum-to-be, everyone has an opinion on whether you’re tummy is too big or too small.

“Are you eating enough? You’re so tiny,” people say as they try and tickle it.

Note to those who have never been pregnant: Don’t touch a preggo woman’s belly unless you were responsible for its growth.

And even then, you still need permission or you could end up like male spiders: Eaten by their female partners after mating.

Actually, human females aren’t stupid enough to eat their husbands.

They know they’ll need them to get up for the 1am feed, 4am nappy change and 7am champagne breakfast in bed. But I digress.

So, if your tum-tum isn’t being described as “cute”, it’s: “Gawd, are you sure you haven’t got triplets in there?”.

It’s at this point you want to break out the cymbals and announce to all: “Yes, watch out, fatty boomba is comin’ on through”.

Then there’s those who ask “when are you due?”, before a look of horror as they realise you may simply have let yourself go.

And no amount of exercise is going to make that bulge look less like an addiction to chocolate mud cake.

Besides, you’d rather be lounging on the couch, a red cordial wine substitute in one hand and a copy of Kid Wrangling in the other.

After buying The Biggest Loser exercise DVD before getting up the duff, the only real heart raising workout performed since – apart from the obvious one – has been pelvic floor exercises.

It’s one form of exercise I’m happy to commit to 110% if it prevents me being labelled “biggest loser” after peeing myself in public.

So, as I fulfil my craving for mud cake (no ice cream and pickles for me, thanks) and pull my muffin top into my trousers, I’m resigned to the fact that size might matter – but I don’t care.

Mrs O’Brien now runs a successful blog called Three L’il Princesses, which is a continuation of the column that featured in The Advocate.

“>Click here,

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.

Sid’s shout during pub meet, greet

THEIR SHOUT: Braddon MHR Sid Sidebottom and Small Business Minister Brendan O’Connor host a “Pollies in the Pub” meet and greet session at Molly Malone’s in Devonport tonight.THE beers will be on Sid Sidebottom when the Braddon MHR and Small Business Minister Brendan O’Connor host a “Pollies in the Pub” meet and greet session at Molly Malone’s in Devonport tonight.
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Mr Sidebottom said politicians were social creatures and, while he enjoyed a good brew, tonight’s session was serious business in a less formal social setting.

“People can come in say hello, have a bite to eat or a lemonade, whisper suggestions or ask for advice and get some answers,” Mr Sidebottom said.

“We like to get around to people and this is one place they natter, it’s where they tell the real stories, but we’re going early so the stories don’t turn into legends.”

Pollies in the Pub will be held at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, 34 Best St, Devonport, tonight from 5.45pm.

To book a spot, phone Mr Sidebottom’s office on 64311333 or email [email protected]

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.