Cuts see nurses stretched to breaking point

Jan Robinson is asking for support from the public to help in the fight against cuts to health care.Live online coverage of the forum tonight at www.theadvocate杭州夜网.au
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THE state’s nurses have had enough.

They say lives are being put at risk each day as a result of the State Government’s budget cuts and are calling for support from the public.

In the last four months, Tasmania has lost more than 84 nurses who have moved interstate to escape the cuts.

Ten North-West trained graduates also left the state because there were no positions available.

Emergency departments are overflowing because there aren’t enough beds on the wards for patients and nurses are working double shifts, some on their feet for 19 hours.

In 22 years of nursing, emergency department clinical nurse Jan Robinson has never seen things this bad.

Mrs Robinson said the full effects of the budget cuts were only just being felt.

There are more cuts to come as the government looks to save $500million from the health budget over four years.

“Since the cuts, access has been blocked pretty much on a daily occurrence. Ward B was closed back before Christmas and we knew that we wouldn’t see the full effects of that right away because theatre sessions were reduced over Christmas,” she said.

Mrs Robinson said for the past month there had been patients kept in the ED for more than 24 hours because there were no beds available on the wards.

“Studies have shown, and the information tells us, that it is dangerous for people to be in the ED. Mortality rates are higher.”

Mrs Robinson said a different type of care was required to look after patients once they were treated in the ED and the staff and expertise for that was on the ward.

Incidents of ambulances banking up because the ED is full, increased staff sick leave and overtime claims are all being attributed to the cuts.

“Last week in the emergency department, we had seven staff out of about 27 work double shifts. Those shifts ranged from 15-19.5 hours,” she said.

“We’re doing double shifts and getting paid double time, where’s the economy in that?”

If things don’t improve, she said the public would have to reduce their expectations as service levels could not be maintained with the current situation.

Mrs Robinson said nurses had done all they could and needed the public to help them fight the cuts.

A public health forum will be held in Devonport tonight – Mrs Robinson and a number of North- West doctors and nurses would be speaking at the forum about the cuts and how it is affecting the region’s health care.

The forum will be held at the Devonport Entertainment and Convention Centre, 145-151 Rooke St from 6.30 tonight. Members of the public are invited to attend.

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Terminal upgrade ‘on target’

ON TRACK: Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne at the unveiling of plans to upgrade Devonport Airport last year. Picture: Katie McDougall.THE Devonport Airport terminal and security upgrade is “on target and on time” to be open by July.
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That’s according to Devonport Airport general manager Wayne Tucker.

The upgrade is needed for the airport to comply with new Federal Government regulations, which take effect on July 1.

“We need to be fully operational by that time, which we will,” Mr Tucker said.

Mr Tucker said Stubbs Construction, which was overseeing the installation of the new infrastructure, was on target according to its building plan and the completion of the new terminal would see a new and modernised airport terminal for the city.

Last week, Tasmanian-based security company MSS was awarded the tender at the Devonport Airport for all the new screening services and equipment.

“These are the same as the ones used in Launceston and Hobart,” Mr Tucker said.

This is a big coup for the airport, which previously didn’t have the same screening facilities as other airports.

This meant that passengers travelling from the Devonport Airport had to be screened in Melbourne before being allowed to leave or travel on connecting flights.

“Now, the screens will be of the same standard and travelling public will not need to be screened in Melbourne,” Mr Tucker said.

Devonport Mayor Steve Martin said the airport upgrade was coming along quite well, having had a tour of the facility last week.

Ald Martin said one of the biggest changes to the terminal was a new entrance and the inclusion of a “sterile area”, which is the area beyond the screening area.

“Devonport (airport) is now getting a more modernised terminal departure and arrival area,” he said.

Ald Martin said the upgrade had been needed for the airport to “bring it into the 21st century” and said he hoped that it would attract more passengers to use Devonport’s new facilities.

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Crowning glory for Kentish councillor

FURTHER RECOGNITION: Kentish councillor Cait Clarke has been named the Premier’s Young Achiever of the Year. Picture: Kelly Slater.KENTISH councillor Cait Clarke is the Premier’s Young Achiever of the Year.
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On Saturday night she won the prestigious award at the 2012 Southern Cross Young Achiever Awards.

Prior to becoming a councillor, Cr Clarke said the Kentish Council wouldn’t listen to her, so she decided to make it listen.

“I thought I’ll join the council and then they’ll have to listen to me,” she said with a laugh.

Soon after making that decision she was elected and sworn in as a councillor in November.

It was just another thing Cr Clarke believed she could do to draw attention to issues facing the region’s youth.

In addition to being a councillor, Cr Clarke is chairperson of the Kentish Youth Council, helped re-establish the Sheffield Girl Guides and played a key role in the development of Dreamcasters program which aims to nurture young women into future leaders.

She is also a single mum with a two- year-old daughter and a pioneer of the Walkers and Talkers program which provides support for young mothers.

To go with the main award, Cr Clarke also won the First National Real Estate Leadership and Innovation Award.

“I came down just for fun. , I didn’t even expect to win my category let alone the whole night,” Cr Clarke said.

“When the announcement was made I thought `oh crap I have to make another speech and I didn’t write anything’.”

Kentish Mayor Don Thwaites said Cr Clarke was a deserving winner.

Cr Clarke received a $1000 Progress Saver Account from ANZ, a trophy, $1000 from the Tasmanian government and a holiday for two provided by Wrest Point and Qantas.

Fellow coaster Kieran Rimmelzwaan was also a finalist, but didn’t win his category.

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White takes Targa crown

White, was forced to fight a race against time to even compete in the event after this engine of his 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo, blew up on the eve of the race.
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It is White’s third Targa crown.

For further information, grab a copy of tomorrow’s Advocate.

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Mersey Valley tour taken out by Victorians

Victorian cyclist Mark O’Brien has led Team Budget Forklifts to a clean sweep of the Mersey Valley Tour.
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Former Flowerdale rider Nathan Earle took out this mornings stage around Sheffield, while O’Brien held on for the overall victory ahead of team-mates Marc Williams and Michael Cupitt.

Fellow Victorian Lisa Jacobs, from the Jayco/Apollo VIS team, took out the women’s overall title.

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Power outage

A TREE which fell on powerlines in the Dismal Swamp area has left 385 Aurora customers without power this morning.
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Customers in the Arthur River and Redpa region are believed to be affected, according to a Aurora spokesperson.

Aurora Crews are currently at the scene and it is estimated power will be restored by 1pm.

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Kentish councillor wins award

KENTISH councillor Cait Clarke collected the Premier’s Young Achiever of the year award at the 2012 Southern Cross Young Achiever Awards in Hobart last night.
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She also won the First National Real Estate

Cr Clarke, of Railton, is Chairperson of the Kentish Youth Council and has long been an advocate the young in the region.

She re-established the Sheffield Girl Guides and helped develop the Dreamcasters program, which nurtures young women into future leaders.

She juggles her community work with her commitments as a single mother looking after her two-year-old daughter.

This morning Cr Clarke was stillcoming to grips with her achievement.

“I came down just for fun, I didn’t even expect to win my category let alone the whole night,” she said.

“So I don’t think it’s sunk in yet.

“It was so great, it was just a great night.”

Cr Clarke wins a $1000 Progress Saver Account from ANZ, a trophy, $1000 from the Tasmanian Government and holiday for two in Australia provided by Wrest Point and Qantas.

Category Winners









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Former Burnie driver Matt Close crashes.

In the modern competition, Jason White, in his Lamborghini Gallardo, remains the man to catch with just one day to go, building on his overnight lead across the monster 165 competitive kilometres that took the field from Strahan to Ulverstone and back.
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On the morning stages, White conceded a little time to Tony Quinn’s Nissan GT-R and Close’s Audi TT RS. But by the afternoon, White was back setting the pace, extending his lead out to two minutes 15 seconds from Quinn, while Close’s hope of Targa glory ended when he crashed out of the event on the long Riana stage.

In Classic Outright, the old master in his 1974 Porsche 911, Rex Broadbent, was out having another field day. While Jon Siddins won two stages before lunch in his 1970 Datsun 240Z, Broadbent was enjoying trouble free motoring. He has an two minute 34 seconds lead and his sights set on a sixth straight class victory.

Simon Evans in Showroom had also seen his major opposition crash out, with Gavin James ending his run in the Renault on the Mt Roland stage. The Mazda3 MPS driver looks to also have victory within his grasp. Even with 135 kilometres remaining on the run to the finish line at Hobart’s Wrest Point on Sunday, his victory looks assured with a 19-minute buffer.

Weather and road conditions again challenged the field on the longest day in Targa history, but White was able to thrive where many struggled.

“Our day’s been great, no worries whatsoever. We took it a bit easy in the fog over Mt Roland, but apart from that we’ve been pushing on well, so we’re really happy with the result so far,” White.

“It all feels good and nothing seems to be giving us any worries with the car, so fingers crossed.

“It’s unfortunate that Matt (Close) crashed as he was only five seconds off taking second place from Tony Quinn, but he just got caught out with a road surface change.

“They’re okay, but the car’s not real good though, but it’s a testament to all the safety devices that we run in the cars.”

Burnie driver, Jamie Vandenberg, in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, holds a commanding two minute buffer in Showroom 4WD while Jeff Beable’s 2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec N1 is out in front by three minutes 14 seconds in Early Modern.

In the handicap classes, Jon Siddins leads Early Classic and Broadbent is the man to beat in Late Classic as well.

Winners are expected at the finish line at Wrest Point around 4pm Sunday.

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Burnie brings Lauderdale back to earth.

In what was touted as the match of the round, the Dockers were too strong, winning 17.15 (117) to 8.9 (59).
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Luke Shackleton dominated the centre clearances and around stoppages, while big man Jason Laycock was again outstanding in the ruck.

Burnie’s goals were spread about, with Andrew Lee getting in the thick of the action this week.

Devonport will take on North Launceston tonight at the Devonport Oval.

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A truck rollover causes road closure.

Police have advised that the road remains closed with potatoes scattered all over the road.
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Emergecy crews are waiting for a crane to get to the site and remove the vehicle.

More details to follow.

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